Daylesford local business guide

Daylesford Business Guide members below have not been verified by Local Daylesford and are uploaded as sample links from the Daylesford area. Want to list your Daylesford business here? Contact us. If you are heading to Victoria and need a car wash in nearby Melbourne, check one of the local services first. But if stuck in South Australia with no way to store precious items or shelve your new tools, get your ute or 4WD set up with custom van shelving in Adelaide, and try to avoid being stuck in a long line of ramped Ambulances in Adelaide. Needing In Home Care in Port Douglas? then pop over to their website for those details.

  • The Timber Benders Ph: 03 53451588
    We are about the revival of an old craft that uses steam to soften and make pliable solid timber and then bend to shape using heritage machinery and very old and proven techniques Unlike some ancient crafts however we can still contribute to today's world in a very practical sense
  • Avant Garden Bookshop - Daylesford
    Housed in an elegant Georgian bank building in the picturesque town of Daylesford, the Avant Garden is a rambling maze of a bookshop. There are 14 rooms jam packed with new and second hand books, comics, magazines and ephemera, as well as second-hand records (33 rpm albums) compact discs, videos and D.V.D?s. When planning your next visit, give yourself plenty of time for a really good browse, or click search our online store.

    Member of the Australian Booksellers' Association
  • Daylesford Travel
  • Daylesford's finest Tarot, Palm Readers and Clairvoyants.
    Each of our readers has many years of experience.
    We can match your needs and requirements to the reader's skills.
    We can arrange for readings where you are staying, or at our rooms.
    We can arrange group bookings.
    We can arrange a team of readers for social events, e.g. dinner parties, weddings, conferences, etc.
  • John Evans Real Estate
    43 vincent street

    daylesford victoria 3460

    Phone us on

    03-5348 2328
  • Daylesford Real Estate
    DAYLESFORD REAL ESTATE Holiday Rental Booking Service proudly offers a wide range of holiday rental accommodation in Spa Country.From budget to absolute luxury we can help you find the perfect B & B, hotel room, small cottage or large houses for families and groups of up to 16 people.