Daylesford Day Spa and Massage - Hepburn Springs Day Spa

Daylesford massage and day spa treatments including Hepburn Spas. Your Daylesford day spa experience is truly the way to complete your relaxing country break or romantic holiday. Located close to Melbourne the spa town is perfect for Melbourne holidays and getaways; making you feel far away from a day job in mobile dog grooming for example. Drive to Melbourne after your Daylesford massage and spa and relax in the Victorian captial. During the colder winter months in Daylesford (April to September depending each season) some Victorians head north for warmer treatments or a Port Douglas massage - far away from the cosy winter fires down south. 

Daylesford visitors already interested in massage and day spa treaments may also be interested in combating the symptoms of dehydration and how hydration formulas or gold face oils might help support your overall health by soothing and invigorating your skin. An important part of your Daylesford Wellbeing Holiday - ask Daylesford Day Spa about beauty treatments for that perfect girls weekend getaway experience!

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Daylesford Day Spa - Open 7 days a week
25 Albert Street - Daylesford PH 03 5348 2331 

Daylesford Day Spa and Beauty located in the spa capital of Australia, Daylesford, an easy 1.5 hour drive from Melbourne. We specialise in couples or groups of friends who just want to experience our relaxing treatments together. 

Imagine walking into a business where you instantly feel welcomed, calm, relaxed and surrounded by exotic scents. The water wall, neutral and warm colours along with the background music create soothing sounds and movement. Lights filters through the water into a relaxation lounge with its aroma of essential oils..

Our personal touch is our trade mark. Our treatment menu is focused on health and wellbeing giving a number of package options that suit your current state of mind and health.  


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