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We moved from Melbourne to Daylesford in 2006

This is our brief story: In March 2006, 4 weeks after our daughter Alyssa was born, we decided to head for the hills and moved to Daylesford from Melbourne. Its been an interesting year and has been great getting to meet the locals, in all their varied forms.

For a number of years we have started each day with a walk and cup of coffee. So after leaving Brighton in Melbourne (where everyone said we were leaving behind great coffee) we had to find a new morning walk.



Swiss Italian Festa- Pix from April 28 2007



The parade arrives in Hepburn Springs, back of the Jasmine Thai restaurant. A little too loud for some!






Showing the flavours of the Swiss Italian Festa







The girls are very tall in Hepburn Springs. Must be something in the water?





Music from the old school...







and the new. And it sounded pretty dang good!













And everyone had a good time while the rain stayed away!


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