We moved from Melbourne to Daylesford in 2006

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This is our brief story: In March 2006, 4 weeks after our daughter Alyssa was born, we decided to head for the hills and moved to Daylesford from Melbourne. Its been an interesting year and has been great getting to meet the locals, in all their varied forms.

For a number of years we have started each day with a walk and cup of coffee. So after leaving Brighton in Melbourne (where everyone said we were leaving behind great coffee) we had to find a new morning walk.

Living in Hepburn Springs we quickly found a loop that took us through the village and down to this spot near the Hepburn Springs Bathhouse and Park.

Great coffee available everywhere in Hepburn Springs from The Chowder House (Shane and Gary ex Hampton Street GAS cafe) Eddie and Co at The Red Star and of course Arlene and Glen at the Hepburn Springs General Store. 


Dad works on the internet and broadband came...eventually. It only took several weeks after it was ordered and two modems later, but has worked well ever since. However we were luckier than some and there are many and varied stories about internet connections in and around Daylesford.

There are a number of smaller townships like Trentham, Glen Lyon etc where you may or may not get broadband. We have used ADSL and its been OK.

Turns out that Daylesford is full of internet people and people working on the internet. This was part of the test for our family, could we survive out of Melbourne????


We have Mr Kookaburra who visited regularly most afternoons and then disappeared for while and has returned from time to time.

There are loads of birds around Daylesford, Galahs, Cockatoos and lots of colourful little birds that I have no idea what they are called, just that they are bright and colourful.





There are also Kangaroos! And one of the reasons why it says to drive 50km an hour on many of the windy roads around Daylesford, is that Kangaroos often jump out of no where. So tourists take heed! Slow down because there is often...more than one!

Also look out for echidnas and wombats.




Lavendula, around 3kms through Hepburn Springs on the way to Newstead, has a few more animals for the kids big and small! There are several donkeys and a flock of geese. Lavendula is a good spot to visit...but watch out for the flies in mid-summer. There can be troublesome in and around the cafe. In the outdoor cafe under the trees should have you in a cool, comfortable place.





Yes, it does hail and snow and sometimes both together! This was one of several storms during the year that covered the ground and made us crank up the fire!

The best place to be on a winters day like this in Daylesford is next to a fire somewhere or relaxing in a mineral spa! This is the voice of experience. Growing up on the cold, frosty Waikato Plains in New Zealand, we often headed for the local mineral spa in the evening. In fact, I believe my little town of Te Aroha, in New Zealand, is a sister 'township' to Daylesford / Hepburn Springs.

The public mineral pools were closed down in Te Aroha in the early 1980's and was only recently reopened with a new modern complex...similar to what is happening in Hepburn Springs I believe.


Dad and Alyssa visit the Daylesford nursing home on a cold winter's day. The idea for the mothers group to meet and greet some of the residents and listen to some music played by....



Mum Visnja sang some songs on the piano and proved what was rumoured, she really could sing! Although Alyssa hadn't refined her voice at this stage!



Back to Summer and the world has turned and we are all a little older and wiser. This picture on New Years Day taken at the Maryborough Highland Gathering, about 1 hour? from Daylesford. A great day and our first drive out that way. Lots of kilts and bagpipes.

The entire region has opened up to us over the past year and we would never be as familiar with the likes of Maldon, Creswick, Castlemaine, Trenthem and Ballarat had we stayed in Melbourne. Hepburn Shire has been a breath of fresh air in our lives.

The world be continued.


Contact if you would like to tell your story or add your local experiences to Local Daylesford website and share with our visitors what happens in the great Hepburn Shire!